5 Surprisingly Powerful Questions To Ask Your Students

By Myles Lynch, Customer Success

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If you’ve logged into Loop recently you might have seen the new template questions, including 15 questions exclusive to teachers on Loop Plus.

Questions now cover topics including student wellbeing, classroom climate, and relationship building.

To celebrate the launch of these new questions (and Loop Plus) we wanted to share the 5 most popular questions on Loop right now.

1. Imagine your friend was away from class today and asked you to explain the lesson. What would you tell them?

This question prompts students to think about lesson content and put it in their own words.

Learning reflection helps students remember key information and acts as an informal method of formative assessment. Insights from this question can help refine lesson plans, letting you focus on the areas where students need more support.


2. In learning from home, where do you need the most support right now?

This year has been tough for students and teachers alike. Checking in with how students are going with their remote learning, and what areas they need support can be tricky. Teaching over video conference, keeping students on-track, grading, and coming up with new remote lesson plans is no small task.

A 30-second check-in question on Loop helps you spot obstacles for students, and lets you follow up with students directly.


3. What helps you to get in a good mood when you're feeling down?

We all need a strategy to get ourselves back on track when we’re feeling down. This question is great for students because it lets them reflect on what’s worked in the past so they can have a strategy going forward. It helps them to be more intentional in influencing their mood.

This is a great question for teachers because they can learn about the strategies used by their students and even start an in-class discussion about the different strategies used. This helps students to learn from each other.


4. What's one thing you did well in class today?

Students who feel a sense of accomplishment in their learning are more likely to engage in the classroom and push themselves further. This question encourages students to celebrate their accomplishments and supports a strengths-based approach to learning.

This is a great question to ask on a regular basis. If students know this question is coming, they will begin to focus even more on doing things well in class. Over time this question builds reflection into learning.


5. "What's your superpower?"

Getting to know your students helps build better teacher-student relationships. Better relationships produce positive classroom environments through shared understanding and mutual respect.

This question invites students to share something about themselves that makes them proud and unique. This helps to boost their confidence, celebrate their uniqueness as individuals, and gives you a different lens into their life.



If you haven’t yet logged in and tried the new questions, give it a go. If you joined Loop before 14 November, we've automatically upgraded you to Loop Plus till 14 December. If you're a new member, you can access the free trial in your Loop profile settings.


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