Don't miss these new Loop features

By Ben Barnett, CEO of Loop


Collecting student feedback shouldn't be difficult. That's why we've added some new features that make it even easier to collect and review feedback from your students. 

Check out some of the new features below and log in to your account to try them for yourself. 


New model questions

Looking for a little inspiration? We've been adding to our library of expertly generated questions with everything from daily exit ticket ideas, to questions for activating student voice.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 10.14.56 pm-1

These new questions are used by Loop teachers around the world. We've hand picked those identified as particularly effective at gathering useful insights.

Loop now includes model questions across:

  • Student Voice
  • Exit Tickets
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Remote Learning

If you’re unsure what questions to begin with on Loop, grab a few from our model question list.

Filter for similar responses

When you ask a question on Loop, responses are shown in the order you receive them. 

Loop now lets you filter similar responses. For example, if you use the question response type “Scale 1 - 7”, you can filter all your responses by a particular the number rating replied.

Filtering lets you save time and skip to the responses that might require the most attention.



Reply to all similar responses

Once you have filtered on a particular set of responses on Loop, you can send the same message to all those that provided that response. In other words, you can send a bulk message with each student receiving this message individually.

For example, you may have asked a question about how prepared your students feel for next week’s test. You could filter all the students who have said they are not feeling well prepared, and then send them a bulk message such as “Please let me know what I can go through in class to help you feel more prepared for next week’s test”.



Import classes from Google classroom

Who has time for emails? Certainly not your students. Make it easy to get the on board with Loop by connecting with Google Classroom and import your students instantly.

Once you've connected your Google account you can also share questions automatically to your Google Classroom feed. Find more information on using Loop with Google Classroom here.

Customise your Loop scales

Loop’s 1-7 scale is an easy way to quickly gather quantitative data from your students. Up until now, Loop automatically labelled both ends of the scale: 1 - Very Low and 7 - Very High.

You can now edit the labels for each end of the scale so that it perfectly fits with the question you are asking your students.

customised scales


Rearrange group order on your dashboard

Are you the type of person who likes their pens ordered by colour, at a 90 degree angle to the desk (us too)?

Now you can change the order of groups on your dashboard and get them just right! 

group order


Rearrange the order of questions

If you've already published multiple questions, but the order doesn't make sense, fear not!

Now you can change the question order to create a more logical flow. Simply drag and drop in your dashboard to change the order. Question order will instantly update in your students’ Loop accounts. 



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