EdTech teacher blogs you need to follow in 2021

By Sarah Montgomery, Content Editor


Education has changed significantly this year. The necessity of EdTech has rapidly accelerated, but great EdTech tools never replace great teaching, simply enhance it. With the challenges of blended and remote learning, teachers are leaning on a range of technologies to support student learning. 

Knowing what tools are available to use, when to use them, and to what benefit can be time consuming. Some of the best EdTech bloggers do some of this work for you, and we have compiled a list of our favourites to help you stay on top of the evolving EdTech landscape and ensure you are using tools to your advantage.

So have a read, follow along on your favourite social channels, and support these excellent teacher-led blogs that are helping unravel the evolving world of EdTech.

  1. Richard Byrne

    Why it’s great: 
    Richard has two different blogs that offer value to teachers looking to integrate EdTech into their teaching, or to keep up with new tools:

    Practical Ed Tech  has a range of advice on integrating tech into the classroom, including free professional development & comprehensive eBooks.

    Free Tech 4 Teachers  is all about free. In addition to researching and testing out free EdTech tools, Richard offers valuable advice to support integration. As a current teacher, Richard shows how these tools work for him and includes video demos of many tools. 

  2. Tech & Learning 

    Why it’s great:
    In addition to timely and relevant articles about remote learning, tools and tips, events, resources and much more, Tech & Learning curates a valuable annual list of their top education sites and apps that we look forward to each year. 

  3. Jake Miller

    Why it's great:
    Jake does great deep dives into EdTech platforms, exploring each one in depth and with excellent contextual advice. Jake is well known for his #EduGIF, which he uses throughout to demonstrate how he uses tools and for step-by-step instructions. 

  4. The Whiteboard Blog

    Why it’s great:
    The Whiteboard Blog has loads of tips and tricks for using interactive whiteboards and extensive articles about the suite of products and integrated apps within Google for Education. 

  5. EdTech Team 

    Why it's great:
    The EdTech team is a global team of educational technologists, that work worldwide to support PD, online learning and more. Their blog is insightful and current, and they have unique global perspectives on EdTech trends. 

  6. Learning In Hand 

    Why it’s great:
    Tony Vincent has been using digital learning tools since they first arrived in the classroom, and now consults around North America on tech integration into the classroom. His blog is comprehensive and varied. 

  7. Shake Up Learning 

    Why it’s great:
    Kasey Bell writes practical resources on integrating current technology into the classroom. As a Google Certified Educator, Kasey also writes extensively on using Google tools in the classroom, with specific ideas and tips beyond what you will find elsewhere.

  8. Teach Thought

    Why it’s great: 
    Much more than just EdTech, Teach Thought has a range of content categories and includes everything from think pieces, lesson resources and helpful articles on EdTech tools and integration. The infographics are always valuable and often trend on social media.

  9. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

    Why it’s great:
    This site has been around for a while, and has so much value to offer for every type of teacher, with a focus on tech tools that support teaching and learning. Written by a doctoral researcher, the articles are, unsurprisingly, very well researched!

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