3 killer questions to get started with student feedback

In his book, Visible Learning for Teachers, John Hattie makes an interesting observation about student feedback. Hattie argues that while “feedback is critical to raising achievement," its absence in classrooms remains a problem.

5 tips for getting useful feedback from your students

Student feedback is a simple and fast way to learn what’s working in your classroom and what needs tweaking. Creating an effective flow of feedback increases classroom engagement and positive learning outcomes. ‍How do you start? What questions should you ask? 

Your PDP includes ‘Student Voice’… now what?

Activating ‘Student Voice’ in your classroom is a powerful way to increase student engagement and gather data about your effectiveness as an educator. It enriches the learning of your students, and helps you as a teacher by gaining a deeper understanding of the impact you’re making. 

How the best teachers introduce student feedback

To build a product that teachers deeply love, we talk to teachers almost every day. It’s apparent that some teachers gather more useful student feedback than others. This is not by chance. It follows from how the teacher initially framed feedback to their class. 

How to help your students to reflect

One of the things we notice when we work with education institutions is that any question relating to “student reflection” is almost always self-assessed by students as low. In other words, students themselves consistently believe that they are not reflecting enough on the lessons they are undertaking.