3 steps to improve your students' wellbeing

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Student wellbeing is front of mind for any teacher.

With schools around the world facing uncertainty and changing learning environments, it can be hard to know how to best support students. 

Despite this, teachers must continue to create learning environments that promote student wellbeing, safety and positive relationships sofalse

Don't miss these new Loop features

Collecting student feedback shouldn't be difficult. That's why we've added some new features that make it even easier to collect and review feedback from your students. 

11 Exit Ticket Questions You Can Use With Your Students

How do you know if students have understood your lesson? 

Exit tickets are an easy way to find out. Here we cover some of our favourite questions and introduce digital exit tickets.

The secret to student engagement

There’s one challenge every school leader can relate to. How to keep students engaged and learning to the best of their ability?

With many schools adapting to remote learning, keeping students connected and engaged with teachers, classes, and school culture is more important than ever.

How to ask an effective question on Loop

Asking an effective question on Loop is important for one simple reason: the better the question the more useful the feedback you gather. We have worked with thousands of teachers who have integrated Loop into their practice, and continue to learn from them about how to best use Loop.

3 easy questions to get started with student feedback

John Hattie makes an interesting observation about student feedback. Hattie argues that while “feedback is critical to raising achievement," its absence in classrooms remains a problem.

5 tips for gathering useful feedback from your students

Student feedback is a simple and fast way to learn what’s working in your classroom and what needs tweaking. Creating an effective flow of feedback increases classroom engagement and positive learning outcomes. 

Your PDP includes Student Voice… now what?

Activating Student Voice in your classroom is a powerful way to increase student engagement and boost performance. Given the impact of Student Voice in many educational institutions, teachers are increasingly adding Student Voice to their Professional Development Plans (PDPs).