19 questions for better student feedback

There’s a powerful weapon in the teacher's arsenal, and it uses something you have access to every day. Student feedback.

Student feedback done the right way is focused, asked in the moment, and concerned with uncovering how you can better support your students. In fact, it likely encompasses a range of activities you’re probably already doing.


Guest teacher post: Building respectful relationships by knowing your students better

I am proud of maintaining my enthusiasm to teach and inspire students even after 25 years of teaching. In fact, I am comfortable writing that I am enthusiastic to promote a love for learning more than ever. 

Why student feedback can make you a better teacher

Are you tapping into one of the best predictors of teacher effectiveness? 

It’s something many teachers ignore or even fear despite facing it every day in their classrooms.

Let’s turn the spotlight on your students - it’s their feedback which is essential for your continuing professional development (CPD). 

Support your Early Career Teachers through effective student feedback

Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in their first years after university face numerous challenges. The teaching environment is undergoing change at a rapid pace. New teachers have limited experience trying new pedagogical approaches, gauging the impact of delivery and discovering how to fostering a sense of inclusion and support student wellbeing.

There’s a better way than a school survey

Your students have something to say. Their voice can help your school develop stronger teachers, and a greater sense of belonging for students. While your school may understand the value of collecting student responses, it’s often challenging to do it in a cohesive manner that generates insights to those who need it, efficiently. 

How technology helps teachers to reach struggling students

When Loop was getting started, I was asked to present to a group of 23 visitors to our office, keen to learn about start-ups and factors that contribute to the success of these organisations. To start, I opted to embark on a little experiment. I simulated a classroom environment as a lighthearted way to introduce the purpose and function of Loop,false

How to ask an effective question on Loop

Asking an effective question on Loop is important for one simple reason: the better the question the more useful the feedback you gather. We have worked with thousands of teachers who have integrated Loop into their practice, and continue to learn from them about how to best use Loop.

3 easy questions to get started with student feedback

John Hattie makes an interesting observation about student feedback. Hattie argues that while “feedback is critical to raising achievement," its absence in classrooms remains a problem.

5 tips for gathering useful feedback from your students

Student feedback is a simple and fast way to learn what’s working in your classroom and what needs tweaking. Creating an effective flow of feedback increases classroom engagement and positive learning outcomes. 

How to help your students to reflect

One thing we consistently notice when we work with education institutions to implement a Student Voice program is that students believe that they are not reflecting enough on the lessons they are undertaking. 

How the best teachers introduce student feedback

To build a product that teachers deeply love, we talk to teachers almost every day. It’s apparent that some teachers gather more useful student feedback than others. 

This is not by chance. It follows from how the teacher initially framed feedback to their class.